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Warranty Policy

The customer has the right to refuse to receive the goods when the goods are delivered incorrectly with the model or quantity as agreed between the two parties.

The merchandise is warranted as it works with its design and is stored in a dry condition, free from moisture and rust.

The maximum warranty period is 06 months from the date of delivery.

a. Exchange conditions

- Time to exchange goods: within 03 days from the date of purchase.

- The exchanged goods must have their stamps, labels on, unused and attached with purchase invoices.

- Goods due to technical defects of the manufacturer.

- Received goods are not defective in appearance: scratches, broken, yellow….

b. Exchange, pay and compensate for shortages when:

- Quantity of goods delivered is not correct

- Supplier gave wrong code to customer

- The quality of goods is not consistent with the previous agreement.

c. Returned goods are subject to a fee when:

- Due to the customer order the specifications

- The cost of exchanging goods will be calculated according to each specific order, based on the quality, the value of the order and the shipping cost.

d. Cases of refusal of goods

- Does not meet the above conditions for exchange

- Goods purchased more than 03 days

- Goods damaged due to fault from customers.

- The goods are individually ordered according to customers' standards and sizes

Right after receiving the goods, we hope that customers carefully check the quantity, quality and specifications of the goods to ensure that the goods have been delivered correctly and fully as agreed by the two parties.