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Polyurethane foam mattress

Material: Polyurethane
Surface Area: ≥ 2000-3000 m2/m3

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- The large surface area is ≥ 2000-3000 m² / m³ so the treatment efficiency is very high.

- The amount of materials used is small but the ability to keep the microbiological density is high, and the transportation costs are low.

- Minimize construction volume

- Simple operation mode, optimal use of energy

- Easily renovate and upgrade the wastewater treatment system when needed.

- Minimize the possibility of material abrasion.

Polyurethane foam mattress


- Biological treatment in anaerobic tanks (UASB), Aeroten, bulk biological treatment equipment

- Wastewater treatment for daily life, hospital, manufacturing, food

- Used in sedimentation tanks, water filtration, waste gas treatment

Product name: Polyurethane foam mattress
Dimensions:  Request
Material:  Polyurethan
Color: white
Surface Area:  ≥ 2000-3000 m2/m3
Porosity: ≥ 98-99%
Weight :  10kg/m3
Working temperature:  40-45 độ C
Origin:  Vietnam
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
Dimensions (mm) 25x10, 15x10, 10x10, 8x10, 15x15
Material: PE or PP
Price: Contact
Spherical microbiological mattress
Size: D50-150mm
Material: PP, HDPE plastic
Price: Contact
Plastic multi-faceted hollow sphere
Material: PP
Size (mm): D50, D100
Price: Contact
Microbial plastic balls - hemp substrate
Material: PP
Color: black or white
Price: Contact
Microbiological media Biochip
Type: Hel-X Bio Chip 30
Material: HDPE
Price: Contact
MBBR Nisshinbo
Model :APG CC-10B
Material: Polyurethane Hydrogel Foam
Price: Contact
Filamentous microbiological substrate
Type: Fiber
Surface Area:250 – 350 m2/m3
Price: Contact
Metal pall ring
Material: stainless steel 304, 201
Size: D50mm
Price: Contact